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PSG Contracting are able to cut through the toughest concrete with our specialist diamond drilling equipment. Our company provides services to clients in London, the South West of England (Bristol), and South Wales. Our in-house team can take on the most complex of large commercial and industrial projects, as well as smaller ad hoc tasks. PSG Contracting provide all types of concrete drilling, cutting, and sawing, including structural modification work (i.e. cut and carve). For core drilling in London (and much more) get in touch.

Diamond Drilling Services

Diamond drilling is an incredibly effective solution for those needing accurate holes drilled in even the toughest of reinforced concrete.  Holes can range from just 5mm to well over a metre. Diamond stitch drilling can be used to create openings in concrete of any size and shape. When cutting through concrete using diamond drilling, the movement is purely rotary, and as such, there is no percussive impacts or vibrations. Furthermore, diamond cutting using water as a lubricant, this also acts as dust suppression, which allows diamond drilling to take place in environments where cleanliness is vital such as hospitals. Core drilling can take place on any type of concrete angle – vertical or horizontal. Diamond core drilling is a great way to prepare for M&E services, civil engineering projects, heating and plumbing work, and to assist in and/or be an integral part of structural modifications.

As contractors, we operate in commercial, industrial, off-shore, and domestic applications. It’s our goal to be the first choice of all of the diamond drilling companies in London.

  • Diamond Drilling

  • Concrete Sawing

  • Stitch Drilling

  • Track/Wall Sawing

  • Airfield ground lighting installation

  • Floor Sawing

  • Structural Modification / Cut & Carve

  • Concrete Core Analysis

The expert drilling team at PSG provide coverage across a large part of the country. Keeping at the forefront of technology and methodology, and stocking a huge range of drill bits and cutting tools, means we can quickly tackle every job. As a multi-faceted building services company, PSG Contracting is familiar with core drilling in a huge number of demanding construction settings across every sector and applications. Alongside, diamond drilling in London and Bristol we provide a number of other services for building fabric modifications:

  • Concrete Floor Sawing – Precision diamond cutting equipment allows us to accurately cut to depths of over 500mm in heavily reinforced concrete and asphalt. Great for roads and pavements. This technique can also be used to remove imperfections and defective concrete. External or internal use – for internal use, we can use equipment powered by electricity. Including asphalt road sawing Just like diamond drilling, the rotary cutting action allows us to cut through tough concrete flooring with low levels of vibration. Furthermore, we floor concrete cutting can be sued to retrospectively install expansion joints. Likewise, it’s great for removing slabs of concrete – often useful in demolition projects.
  • Concrete Wall Sawing – Allows us to accurately cut opening and perform remedial works. Often used to cut out for doors, windows, and install ventilation exhaust panels in concrete walls. Can be used to remove a section of a wall or create a channel. Cutting concrete walls uses track sawing techniques, where a saw head with a diamond blade moves travels along a track. The track is secured to the wall or incline. Then through hydraulic or electric power, the saw is moved along the rail. The openings can be cut to a depth of over 1 metre.  Great for stairways too!
  • Anchor Bolts and Resin Fixings – After diamond drilling has taken place, the freshly drilled hole often supports some sort of fixing. PSG can install resin anchors and fixings – these are great for securing large equipment, telephone masts, railway tracks, and bridge supports. As a supporting service, we also can perform pull tests to ensure that any anchors in masonry or concrete and sufficiently strong. A pull is an important safety test that can confirm the reliability of fixings in masonry and concrete. This method is able to check that the fixing can be relied on as a secure anchor point.

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Health and safety

At PSG Contracting, health and safety is central to every project. Our operatives are appropriately trained, certified, and wear the necessary PPE gear. The equipment used is modern, appropriate, well-maintained, and tested. Whenever working in any location where the public may be affected by noise or dust, every precaution and mitigative method is put in place to allow our work to be minimally impactful. The Health and Safety policy at PSG is frequently reviewed to ensure its effectiveness. Every member of the team is fully trained and aware of the necessary requirements and precautions. And of course, our operative have the appropriate CSCS certification.

More than a diamond drilling contractor.

Our company is a multi-faceted and multi-skilled building services company. This means that our scope of works is not limited to cutting concrete and core drilling, and our clients can enjoy access to a wide range of trades from a single trusted contractor. In over 30 years of operations, the team has developed deeply entrenched expertise in a wide array of trades and project types.

Where do we operate our drilling services

PSG Contracting provide concrete, masonry, brickwork and asphalt modification services across a large part of the UK. In London, our diamond drilling services are extremely popular. Our second most popular location for our core drilling services is Bristol. And of course, just like all of our other building services, we cover plenty more places.

Why do PSG Contracting do so much work in London?

A vast majority of our diamond drilling and concrete cutting and modification clients are in London. Why? It’s quite simple really – London has a ton of concrete. In London, to say land is at a premium would be a huge understatement. As a result, there is an increasingly dense built environment, which favours concrete as a construction medium of choice. And so, its common for any building modification work in the city to require a element of concrete drilling or cutting. The capital city contains over 1750 high-rise (over 12-stories) buildings, and often core drilling is needed to facilitate works on services. Often drilling holes for services between concrete floors, and in risers, is needed. For London diamond drilling, drop us an email, a call, or fill in the contract form.